What the world is learning at work: Q2 Global Workplace Learning Index

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What the world is learning at work: Q2 Global Workplace Learning Index

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello instructors!


Every quarter, the Udemy Business team analyzes and shares trends based on what employees are learning across our thousands of customers around the world. With access to billions of data points, we can provide a unique perspective on the most in-demand job skills (both power skills and technical skills) modern employees need to thrive in today’s dynamic workforce and how organizations can tie learning to business outcomes.




Any surprises here? Tell us what you think about this list in the comments!


Surprised to see nothing in Digital Marketing.

Specialist Specialist



With such a concentrated focus on UfB, will Udemy be withdrawing the marketplace entirely within the next 12 months?


If not, is it likely to be withdrawn in the following 12 months?


I notice that English language instruction is in demand based on these stats. I have two English courses in UfB that do consistently well, but the third course, which is the third course in my English program, isn't in UfB, and though it's highly rated, it doesn't do well. I created these three courses as an English program, so I was disappointed that "(How to Get) Your Best English" wasn't added to my other two courses.


I also have a grammar course that I started, but haven't finished because if it's not in UfB, I'm afraid it won't get consistent learners.


I have a strong teaching background -- Masters in Applied Linguistics/Teaching English as a. Second Language from UCLA, teaching fellowship at Harvard University, and twenty published English language textbooks with publishers such as Pearson Education, Cengage, Macmillan, McGraw-Hill and others.