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How to choose a course topic? This thread is pinned

An important part of creating your first course on Udemy is deciding what you want to teach. Our community is full of instructors who are experts in a variety of topics that go from computer science View more

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Best Instructor Posts of All Time — Course Creation Best answer

We want to help you make more and better courses, so we’ve compiled a list of the best discussions about course creation for folks to read. We hope these conversations and tips help answer the most View more

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A list of useful sources for instructors Best answer

Hi guys, I thought it could be interesting to have one post with a list of all the usefull sources for instructors, like music, graphics and software.... I started with what I usually use and with View more

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Publish course

Hello folks, I have recently uploaded the course on udemy. in the final phase, it asks for "Submit for review."When I clicked on Submit for review, nothing just happened, Also I am not getting an View more

Copyright infringement

If the resources that I am using in my course are already being used by someone to make the same type of course can it come under copyright infringement. View more

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Payout Method Selection

Dear fellow instructors, Udemy offers 2 types of payment methods as Paypal and Payoneer! I have both!At first, I used Paypal account to connect Udemy because I want to separate income from Amazon and View more

Please help

Screenshot (54).png

Hey everyone. I've uploaded my first course, however for some reason the times on all of the lectures say 30 minutes which is the time for the whole course, not the individual lectures and sections. View more

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How do I submit my course

I just pushed that red "Submit Verification Video" opted to use my email then after mailing the video, my course is still telling me to submit for review. Anyone to help me with this verification View more

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First course

Hello everyone. I am creating my first course. I just uploaded all of my content, however for some reason all of my lectures say the same time which is the length of the video as opposed to saying View more


Merhaba,Ben hesap doğrulama haklarımın ikisini de bitirdim. Bu yüzden video göndermem gerek. Ama attığım videolar da görevli kişi bana profilimdeki kursum ile videomu eşleştirmem gerektiğini söyledi. View more

Verification process (yet another thread!) Best answer

So, I pushed the Submit button, and I was confronted with a quite strange web-form asking for my full name and address (nothing else) to "verify my identity". Obviously it failed... how can any View more

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Course sent for review

I submit my Course for review. I replied back with identification video with consent. Bottom line I fixed what needed fixed. View more

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Publish icon

I have created practice test.I don't find any publish icon as mentioned in support section.How to publish practice test? View more

New tax form for Hungary

Hello everyone, Is there any instructor from (or with residence in) Hungary?Could you please tell me how did you solve the part in the tax form about tax treaty between the USA and Hungary for View more

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Tax Information

I entered my submissions number. I choose my US indfo. I entered my TIN number or EIn number. I got to the end of process I even got my certicates or downloaded files. Seems like I completed. View more

How to create quiz

I want to create quizzes as a course.i have created question.but I don't find publish button.Also I have lecture there which I want to delete.i could not delete lecture part. View more

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Enrollment and learning process

Hi all,I'm new and I saw several instructors complain that they offered free courses, they got many enrollments but no ones started and gave reviews. As I commented in another instructor's post, I View more

Eligibility of my Country

Hi,Udemy Community I am Waqar Iqbal an IT professional as well as a Web Developer. I am currently working as a freelance Web Developer for numerous clients around the globe. I am intending to publish View more

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Video Resolution

I wanted to upload my test video for feedback but It said that my minimum resolution is not 720p.How can I change the resolution of my video to atleast 720p? View more

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I'm from Indonesia

Hi everybody, I'm beginner in this forum, I come from Indonesia. I want to know how make a course. I click some link in this forum but denied. View more

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How do you handle 'lifetime access'?

Hi everyone, I'm getting ready to build my first course, but I have a question. Udemy offers students 'lifetime access' to the course. Are we as instructors expected to continue to reply to emails View more

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English native speakers pls! Best answer

Hi I am a Hungarian living in UK for 5 years. I would like to setup a course in English and I ask you about an interesting question. When I create an English sentence and it is correct grammarly but View more

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First-time Course Creation
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