Feedback Thread: Give & Get Feedback on your course here!

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Community Manager

Feedback Thread: Give & Get Feedback on your course here!

Whether this is your first or fifth course, it’s always helpful to hear from other instructors how you can improve your course content to be even better. 


Before you share your course content, check out our self-promotion policy and read these quick guidelines:


  1. Be specific. Share what you’re looking to improve or things you’re concerned about so your fellow instructors can provide targeted feedback.
  2. Upload content directly. Whenever you can, directly upload a video or course outline to our platform so it’s easier for other instructors to check it out.
  3. Don’t share course links or instructor coupons. This is a space to share and receive feedback, not sell to other instructors. If you want to reference a course, share the full name of your course without linking it. Instructors can find the course by clicking on your community profile and going to your instructor account on Udemy.
  4. Pay it forward. If you’re asking for feedback, look over someone else’s course and give them some feedback too! Always try to give more than you ask for.


 We hope this feedback thread can help you create even better courses!

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That link points to everyone's default test video - we the one we submitted to Udemy not your specific video. perhaps upload it to YouTube or Vimeo?

Good that you pointed out. I have uploaded the video. Pl. check. Thanks and Regards

The video looks nice.


Maybe it would be possible to provide captions because there is a slight accent.


The video does look very professional.


To be honest I think introductory videos should be short as possible, under a minute, but I might be wrong.

Maybe it's worthwhile to look at Udemy's videos on course creation. Perhaps they have guidance for the intro video creation.


Good luck !


Good day. 

I would appreciate some feedback on my first video. 

In a very competitive marketplace, you can't afford problems with audio or video. The audio has too much white noise. This needs to be removed. You can use software to do that. 

I have two thoughts if this is the first video students will see.

1. Fantastic--engaging visuals, good music and good voice quality. I am envious.

2. Few, if any students want to learn much about your background. They want to know what you can do for them. My thought is to describe yourself in 2-3 sentences and then explain what students will be able to do after your course. How will they be different? What advantages will they gain? I believe the first video is a sales and engagement tool. Less on facts and information and more on emotional engagement. Good luck.

Robert Brown, Ph.D.
Unique insights for personal & business success

hi id love feedback on my promo video. i will add myself into some parts of the course letting people know that i am using chat gpt to help guide me on content creation and as a way to improve the learning experience for my students. 

Eric Kottke High-Performance Optimism Coaching

Hi Eric @erickottke 
I have watched your demo video, and this my personal feedback:

1. The first thing I expected to see is you introducing yourself, WITH YOUR FACE going along with your nice voice.
2. Next I wanted to know about your knowledge of the subject.
3. I also was looking for your ability to communicate the subject to me and motivate me well telling me what will I learn, what will I accomplish.
4. I personally value quality over quantity of the content to be covered, so Eric: "Where is beef?"
5. my humble recommendation for your is to make sure that the content you are covering is clear and easy to follow, with you along side: "where is the lovely face that goes by the name Eric Kottke.

Best regards,

Ahmed Jendoubi, Ph.D.

i plan on adding myself along the course in various areas. thanks for your feedback 

Eric Kottke High-Performance Optimism Coaching

Hi there, 

Approach it scientifically and just tick off boxes until you have a great promo. Udemy once made and published the ultimate recipe for a successful promo. It breaks down a successful promo video into little pieces that you can just assemble. We use it as inspiration. You can access the Udemy guide here: 

The Perfect Promo: Guide ( 


Good luck.

Hi Bella. 

Hi all instructors on there.

About video this is my disadvatage trouble. I never show my face on any community pages from childhood. Im afraid of be shown my face or picture while  videos processing

No understand myself. 

Thanks all for reading.

thanks for sharing. could you think of easier ways to teach? the cure for fear is taking action. what actions could you take to overcome obstacles? 

Eric Kottke High-Performance Optimism Coaching



Appreciate your feedback and reviews

Thanks in advance


Hello everyone,


I launched my first course yesterday - Mastering dbt, and would appreciate any feedback on the landing page / demo video / instructor video / my profile. I want to make sure that I make the most of my course having the "new" tag and that I'm not missing anything obvious that would put students off.


Thanks in advance for any help! 



I'd be happy to check it out.


Is there a link to the course ?


Good luck !

Hello Awesome

This is link of course

Hi everyone,


My course 'Herkes icin pilates Egitimi' which is in Turkish published today andI am very excited for that. I found myself here via link they send me. Do we have a community for Turkish speaker , English or Spanish speaker etc... I would love to have a feed back from instructors how are my content and starting page etc but it is in Turkish.


English speaking course is on the way 🙂


many thanks 


Hello everyone, my very first course on 'Funding your Dreams: Strategies for Successful Grant Writing' was published barely a week now. I would appreciate any feedback on it as am only having 2 students. This will be useful as I build on my other courses as well as polish the existing one. Am eager to get more students on this first one too. What can I do?

Just Read this, really usefull

Hi dear Udemy community,


I launched my first course "A beginner's guide to interior design" one year ago and I have in average 30 sales per month, however, I want to increase my sales and would appreciate every constructive feedback. I have to say also that I tried to split the video length of each video in more shorter videos, but this led to a drop in sales. 



Thank you @Bella , this is so useful.


I also much liked the last point "Pay it forward", i have been doing this, but never connected it back to my courses. 

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