My son recommended I make a Udemy Class after he had great success here

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My son recommended I make a Udemy Class after he had great success here

My son, a young mechanical engineer, has been successful in his Udemy endeavors with over 2,000 students enrolled in his class. He suggested that I create my own Udemy course focused on Medical Interpreting for Spanish<>English, particularly emphasizing how to adapt to the challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prevent job loss.


As a medical doctor, I initially had reservations about stepping in front of the camera, considering my more traditional approach. However, once I began recording the videos, I found the process to be more manageable than I had anticipated. My primary goal is not financial gain, but rather to make my knowledge accessible at an affordable rate for those seeking to learn. I would greatly value your feedback on the course I have created. Your insights and suggestions are highly appreciated.


THIS is my son's class. 

My son's Mechanical Engineering classMy son's Mechanical Engineering class


CLICK HERE to view my class.

ScreenHunter 534.png


Feedback is appreciated, community! 

-Dr. Testai, MD


Hand picking and tagging some important people below for feedback. 🙂



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Hi there,

Here is my feedback.


  1. For a first time course the audio and video is exceptionally good. Nevertheless, you may benefit from video-diversity. The 2 videos that can be previewed are both green screen videos. My experience shows that students like a mix of styles (green screen, lecture hall, location shoots, powerpoint narrations etc.). You are a doctor. I am sure you have a nice practice. Why not shoot a couple of videos at the practice? It’s a nice change and looks more interesting. You can then use the left side of the screen for your video and the right side for the presentation. 
  2. Try to reflect diversity of styles in your preview videos. I know that your two preview videos are not exactly the same, but for the fast viewer, they are perceived as the same.
  3. The promo video is a bit too long. 2-3 minutes is better. The promo is a commercial and just like any commercial, it should not take too long. You will lose the audience.

Best of luck.


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Community Champion

@Dr. Testai, MD 

Hello Doctor!

My first impression is to ask who made your thumbnail, as it’s way cool! 
Listened to the first lecture with the different languages and flags. You speak naturally and the visuals kept my attention. I’m a permanent Mexican resident and sadly speak minimal Spanish. Will recommend your course in my future travels to MX and Costa Rica as I am a social butterfly when I travel and meet so many people. You are definitely staying ahead of the curb with relevance with your topic. 

@Alexia I appreciate you. Thank you for the feedback and recommendations. 

Generally, it looks good to me.  Of course, I am making some assumptions since unfortunately I don't speak Spanish.  The number of languages at the beginning is amazingly impressive!


Couple things fwiw:


1.  The cuts between the language examples at the beginning is very abrupt.  When I have had to make transitions in my course, sometimes I have a half second to one second fade out of the previous content.  In Camtasia you can do a transition that causes an image to gradually fade out over a certain time period.  Even a half second of fade out can make a transition to a new piece of content much smoother.  And you can fade in new content as well, so over half a second it fades in, and then starts.  Now, this is a minor comment.  Not make or break.  Doesn't have to be done as an urgent matter tomorrow.  Just might improve it a bit.  For your consideration.


2.  At about the one minute mark you make a reference to your website.  This might or might not be ok, I'm not sure.  I know that generally speaking you are only allowed to "market" your own products and services in the final "Bonus Lecture" - marketing anywhere else is not allowed, since Udemy really does not want students to find educational material is marketing to them.  However, I am not sure what your reference here was, if it was simply "there are free resources like a download of checklists at this website", it might be ok.  If it was "buy my services at this website", it would not be.  And any references cannot ask for email addresses, so if your website asks for an email address to provide a checklist, that would not be allowed.  Except in the bonus lecture.  Suggest others reading this post chip in with their opinion, and/or suggest you double check that brief reference with  These restrictions can seem quite restrictive, but you don't want to make a policy violation, so might be worth double-checking.  This is completely opposite of a Youtube video of course, where marketing anywhere and everywhere is very common.


Hope this helps.  Keep up the great work!



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