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Mobile vedio

Hi AllI'm new hereI Would like to know, is mobile filming suits the platform? View more

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Innovative point of view

I am the next new one here! I am about to make a little bit different course. First i was thinking to biuld a whole new site for it, to open a company and bank account, but now i am trying to test if View more

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Another Newbie

Hi all. I'm new to the platform. Believe I have quite several areas of expertise to share:20+ years of experience in tech: databases and enterprise applications. Mostly in Oracle technology.Juris View more

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Good eveningCan I have your answer?I submitted my first session and today the first person was registered in it, but I was surprised by the amount, how much is the trainer percentage and how much is View more

Springboot Course Best answer

Hello, My Name is Gauttam. I'm Java developer and I'm working on springboot from last 3 years and i have good knowledge about Springboot. And Now I'm sharing my knowledge with which students which is View more

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Me-Ananta Aggarwal

I have always been very passionate about what I do, let it be being a content writer, a coordinator or a teacher. I have published one course on Udemy and I am so desperate for students to like it. I View more

Tax forms

Good morning great Udemy instructorsAs a way of introduction I am Rasha Abdin, holding a master degree in human Resource Management, and experienced in project management field mainly in Risk View more

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كلاسيك كنترول وباور

انا بلال من القليوبية ف دبلوم خمس سنين وداخل خامسة قسم كهربا تخصص الات كهربية يعني بدرس كنترول عاوز اتعلم شغل الكنترول والباور حد يساعدني ممكنتعديل*متعلم كهربا سيلزيون كويس الحمد View more

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greetings to all

hello everyone, good night. greetings. my name is Edy Risdiyanto from Indonesia. joined in the certified Instructor Indonesian Hypnosis Center and PKHI. it's great to be part of this wonderful View more

Pricing on Udemy

Hi everyone, My course has just gone live - Fresh Eyes do-it-yourself Airbnb Inspection - and Udemy has priced it way below what I'm asking for the course on another platform. The dilemma is I want View more

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Great Experience Best answer

HiBy grace of Almighty Allah i got paid students too as at udemy i got 11 student with in 5 days.Thanks Udemy Team View more

Receiving cash with udemy

Hloo! I have submitted my bank details with udemy connecting to a PayPal account since last month in other to start receiving payment but still up to date I didn't receive any feed back? Thank View more


Hello everyone😊I am an English instructor from Yemen. I am glad coz I am one of the Udemy instructor community. Do the English instuctors in this community have Facebook Pages or any social View more

Hello Everyone :)

Hello everyone i am new to udemy i have just published the a new course on udemy.Any suggestions for the newbie on here udemy.Please Help me promote my course! View more

Published Instructor Club

Hi there, I am published instructor but don't have access to the published instructors club. I get a message that says I am not eligible but can access Studio U. Does anyone have any ideas on what I View more

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Namaste 🙏

Hello everyone , I'm new to udemy. I hope I'll learn a lot from you as I give you what I have too. Thank you 😊 keep supporting View more

Two people using one account Best answer

My business partner and I are planning an ambitious set of courses, but we're wondering how to publish under our "company" name rather than one or the other of our individual accounts. We'd both like View more


Asslamilkum ! Everyone am the new member of ur community . I share the knowledge about physics . But am so hesitated because I work for the first time . I need ur support ND help . Thank you View more

Newbie - Seeking guidance and tips Best answer

Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie here on Udemy as a instructor and really looking forward to make the best of this platform by sharing my knowledge.. Would appreciate any tips/guidance to create valuable View more

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