New Month New Theme: Course Creation!

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New Month New Theme: Course Creation!

Community Manager
Community Manager



Hey there instructor community,


We’re now in August and our new theme for the month is course creation! This subject should be great for new and existing instructors to learn about best practices for creating your courses!


So if you want to improve your course-creating skills, this is the month for you!


To kick things off we have a question for you:

How do you structure your planning for your course-creating process?


Post your answer in the comments below! 👇

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Jak Się Rozwijać

Just getting started helps me a lot. In the past, I held back many times, wondering if it was worth it. I don't have that now. If I checked that the course will be accepted in the market, I just start working on it.


In achieving this goal, completing a new course, I am helped by the Google calendar and the Google Tasks application. There I plan how to prepare such a course from scratch.