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New Month New Theme - SEO

Community Manager
Community Manager


Hey there!


We’re excited to start off the new month with a theme that is highly discussed within the community, SEO. Through February, we will discuss various aspects of what SEO is and how you all are utilizing it as instructors. 


So if you’re looking to up your search engine game, this month is perfect for you!


To kick things off, we’d love to hear from you.

Do you keep keywords in mind for marketing? If so, how do you identify them?


Share your comments below 👇.

Storyteller Storyteller

I don't bother with SEO outside of the main keywords and a few longtails that I get from the Google Keyword Tool and from Udemy itself, since, as an instructor, I have very little to zero control over where Udemy places my course in its search results. On-platform search rankings are driven by 10 other things before keywords and SEO.

As far as search engines like Google and Bing go, again, not much that I can control outside of keywords in my title, subtitle, and landing page, because, ultimately, the most popular courses on the Udemy platform are going to be the ones that get the influx of organic inbound links - and Udemy largely controls that.


SEO has always been a bit confusing for me. What I do for my social media posts is see how many posts there are for a given hashtag and if it's not that popular, I won't use that particular term because obviously not that many people are using it/familiar with it. Would this be similar for Google SEO? Thank you for your help!