November Community Highlights

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November Community Highlights

Community Manager
Community Manager



Hello Instructors! Each month, we like to recognize you for all of your contributions to the Udemy Instructor Community. Whether you are just getting started on your Udemy journey, or you’ve published your 10th course - all of you help make this community a better place for your fellow instructors.


Top Community Contributors
A special thank you to our top community contributors in the month of November! :thumbs_up:


@LawrenceMMiller             @Anonymous            @Thor 



Community Posts Highlights

  • Last month, Udemy shared some exciting company news. Check out the announcement here and join the discussion in the comments.
  • Black Friday has now come and gone. Have thoughts to share? Join the conversation in the active thread here
  • With more holidays around the corner, please be aware of the upcoming holiday schedule for the Udemy Community Team.


Teach on,

The Udemy Community Team


Invite and excite!


My course doesn't get attention properly. Could you give me more advise about to get more popularity? I will improve it, however more students should give feedback.


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hey @FatmaTuğbaV002check out this link here to access the Marketing section of our Teaching Center, which has extensive tips and information on how to effectively market and promote your course. 


Additionally, to help you reach more students, we’ve compiled a list of the best discussions about marketing your course. Check it out here.


Hope this helps!




Hi @FatmaTuğbaV002, I just look at your course. 

First of all, it is too short. I don't think anyone will be willing to pay this 40 minutes course.

However, it will be useful (at least for me it was) to give free coupons to your audience to attract more students and receive some reviews.



Robotics Enthusiast

Hi, I join udemy today. Kindly review my profile  guide me about any changes required  

Add social media links to the instructor profile too.

thanks a lot

Hi there,


I'm happy to be one of Udemy community, and also want to ask for more recommendations in order to enhance my progress and courses' sales

Hi @FatmaTuğbaV002, Send me a coupon and I will take a look at it. I recommend providing some social media profile links too. Translating your content into English may also be of consideration.

COngratulations !!