Reminder - Publish your courses soon to qualify for discounts!

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Reminder - Publish your courses soon to qualify for discounts!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there instructor community,


In August, we sent an update with the pricing and deals program for course eligibility for promotions and sales.


We’d like to remind you all that new courses will not be discounted for the first 14 days after publishing. This ensures learners see a consistent initial price. After 14 days, new courses can be part of promotions. Given this initial no-promotion period, we will extend the eligibility window for the “New” and “New and Hot” badges from 60 days to 74 days.


This restriction is for US courses only for the time being, changes for other markets will come soon.


So this is our reminder to publish your courses soon so you can be eligible for upcoming holiday sales! 


Teach on,

Ryan Jaress - Community Manager

Mentor Mentor

Hey @RyanJaress isn't that 14 day restriction applicable only to discounts in the US?

Samreen Nisa Qureshi
Storyteller Storyteller

Hey @RyanJaress 

Amazing! But tell me when will be holiday sale starts.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey ther @MichaelPog!


Thank you for pointing this out. It has been adjusted in the post for clarification.

Specialist Specialist

@RyanJaress when you say "for US courses only" , is this for US students only in other words?  

Yohann Coussot
Traveler Traveler

Same here could we have more clarification ? 
Is that only for Us students ?
When will the black friday sale starts ? If you don't want to give the specific date, an approximative date would do please. 
Important for those rushing to publish their new courses. 
Thank you very much !