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Feedback for my course

Hey Everyone


I have created a course on Production ML 101- MLOPs/LLMOps. It would be great if you can give me your feedback.

Should I change my intro video or my course image?


Thanks and regards


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Leonor C.
Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hello @TejaswiniAllikanti 
I am so happy to see you just published your  course! This is a huge stepstone for all starting instrcutors, so congratulations! Here are some useful tips to market your course!

You can find here an overview of all the webinars we were hosting in the Community:

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I hope this helps and good luck with your course!

Udemy Community Team

@TejaswiniAllikanti  You asked for feedback, which is a smart thing to do.

I just looked at the first minute of  your opening video. You need to redo this. The audio is terrible. You need to use a good mic that produces a clear audio track. It is very muffled and this on top of the inherent difficulties with your accent, means the most will stop after only a few seconds. Also, you have your head tiled backwards to look up at the camera. That is uncomfortable. The camera should be exactly at the same height as your eyes so you are looking on a horizontal plane. 


I hope that helps. 


Lawrence M. Miller

Hey @TejaswiniAllikanti - overall the content seems good. I watched through your preview video (thoughts below), please let me know if I can expand on any of this.


I agree with Lawrence on the audio and your head angle at the start. For the audio:

  • The opening audio isn't bad (I'm betting you're standing ~5-10 ft from your phone as you record in an open room), but a mic can definitely help improve that (if you can look for a lavalier or "lav" mic you can wear on your lapel, the wired ones are relatively inexpensive). 
  • The audio does change drastically when you go to screen sharing - having a mic will help smooth that (betting that was recorded on your computer mic, which tend to be lower-grade than phones).
  • Around the 3 minute mark theres a LOT of interference

If you have the ability you may want to add some graphics to the screen (e.g. you mention a number of statistics, splashing those on the screen can help make it more impactful). Personally I use iMovie to produce my videos and it's super simple to add on-screen text and graphics (happy to send more info over if you need it).


For the one-screen text - you may be able to make the font bigger (the words disappear a bit into the background).



There isn't an outro - I like to end with a "thank you for listening to my video, now go take the course" (or something similar).


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