Winners Announced: Share Your Marketing Tips and Win a Udemy T-Shirt!

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Winners Announced: Share Your Marketing Tips and Win a Udemy T-Shirt!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there instructor community! 


You as instructors fuel this community and make it the wonderful place it is today. That said, we wanted to celebrate you all with a giveaway!  





For the giveaway, we are giving away Udemy t-shirts to 10 instructors who answer the question in this post from April 28th to May 12th. During the giveaway time frame. 10 instructors who respond to the prompt will be chosen at random to get a t-shirt (unless you've already received one this period). Limit one person. Offer valid while supplies last.


Here is the question we’d like for you to answer:


What are 3 tips you have to help improve your online marketing for your courses?


Comment for a chance to win one of the 10 t-shirts! Winners will be randomly selected. 18 or older to enter. Entry period closes 11:59pm Pacific time on 5/12/23. Winners will be contacted through DM.


Good luck!


The top 3 tips for us:


  1. The platform should give an opportunity to publish courses multilingually to help the targeted audience understand and consume the courses.
  2. The platform should be available in different languages (translations).
  3. The retargeting of the students should be the basis of the course prepared keeping the demography of the course created by the instructor. This will maximize the user’s discovery and experience.


Ankit Asthana


1. Create topics that solve their problems.
2. Optimizing the landing page and Intro video (the higher the conversion rate the better)

3. Adding value to learners with real-world examples, Online learners are often looking for practical skills and knowledge that can help them solve real-world problems, using this will help increase your courses.

  1. Prepare a great promo video for the course and also post it on YouTube where you also link to the course on Udemy. Then also post the YouTube video to your social media. Make sure you have many cross-links from one to the other.
  2. Make sure to reply to all your students' Q&A and private messages as well as to some of their reviews. Having this traffic should increase the organic reach to your course plus it shows that you're active and helpful so your courses are more relevant.
  3. You should have more than 1 course, preferably in a related subject. Once you do that, you should market one course to the students of the other courses who haven't yet taken the course you're marketing. Offer them great discounts via a coupon with a time limit so that they won't want to miss the opportunity to get your other course at a great price, especially if they liked your other course.

What are 3 tips you have to help improve your online marketing for your courses?


Tip1 :  Create a visually impactful promo video about the course and run it on social media.

                    To make the video visually impactful, use keywords that resonates with the target audience.

Tip2 : Provide and instant reward for siging up for the course.

Tip3 : Provide incentives to the learners for refering the course in their community.


There are 3 tips I would like to share:


  1. Know your target audience: Understanding who your target audience is key to creating effective marketing campaigns. You need to know their age range, gender, interests, location, etc. This information can help you create tailored and targeted marketing strategies that are more likely to resonate with your audience.

  2. Use social media to your advantage: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can be great tools for promoting your courses. Post engaging and relevant content regularly and engage with your followers. Consider partnering with influencers who match your target audience to expand your reach.

  3. Offer valuable content: Provide valuable content to your target audience. When your audience realizes the value you offer, they are more likely to trust you and consider purchasing your courses.

Engineering Pod

Dear @Bella,

I am not really an expert on marketing and it was always something that I've put away in the drawer telling myself "Oh I'm going to learn about it later" so take my tips with a grain of salt.


1. Utilize the promotional emails as much as you can

Udemy gives you an opportunity to reach your students 2 times a month using promotional emails. Try to find a sweet spot between the mails being efficient and not sending too much of them in a given time period.

2. Utilize social media outlets

Grow your social media account so you can reach more people or maybe find someone who is willing to promote you on social media that has followers from your niche.

3. Put your courses on classified ads, Ebay and similar websites

When a service is free you have nothing to lose and you have much to gain, if even one person sees the course that's a win.

Specialist Specialist

Amazing initiative by the Udemy team, (As always!)


I think these 3 steps can be super helpful for marketing the course:


  1. Promoting on Pinterest: While every social media is great for promotions, I really prefer Pinterest (even though its a visual search engine) because you can simply create an image stating the different things they can learn and link it to your course. This image can be made very easily using Canva free version. 
  2. Promoting on Quora: You can answer mindfully to quora questions related to your course topic and at the end of your answer, mentioning subtly that you course might be helpful for the person asking the question. This brings a lot of eyeballs to the answer and even help you get recognized as an instructor with experience in a niche. 
  3. Promote on your own blog/ website: Write a complete post (or multiple posts) about your course or the topic of your course and promote the course in these blog posts. Optimizing the alt text of images and adding keywords can also help you get high quality traffic from search engines and they might enrol in your courses by reading those blog posts. 

I really hope instructors use these tips because they have worked really well for me!



1- Utilize social media: Use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote my courses. Share updates, testimonials, and reviews from my students, and engage with my followers to build a community around my courses.

2- Optimize my course landing page: Make sure your course landing page is well-designed, visually appealing, and provides all the necessary information about my course. Use compelling headlines and descriptions, high-quality images, and include a promo video to help students get a sense of what they can expect from my course.

3- Offer promotions and discounts: Offer promotional discounts on my courses to entice new students to enroll. Additionally, consider running ads on Google or Facebook to reach a wider audience.

  1. Identify your target audience to tailor your marketing efforts effectively.
  2. Use social media to promote your online course through targeted ads, content marketing, and engaging with your audience.
  3. Leverage content marketing to establish yourself as an authority, attract potential students, and build trust and credibility with your audience.

Improvement marketing of online course can be done by 

first , use the social media apps to target the selected segment of persons specially in the right seasons ,for example i can target students on summer holiday season  .

second , use special discounts for short time for purchase bundle of courses instead of one course .

third,  keep in touch with your exciting customer by update them with some free lectures or materials.

best regards

Yousry Abbas


My comments below


1. Course content - courses need to be on point with explanatory details even for new users

2. Delivery media - the tutor needs to be clear without any background noises. This can also apply to language of delivery, the tutor should be fluent in the language used to deliver

3. Duration of the course - courses should be split in with exercises for learners.

4. Tutor need to be well informed on the delivery domain, explaining in details on the subject matter


1c ask chatgpt

2 follow the advise and

3 paste some links on the internet 


3 tips for online marketing:


1. Share your course link with all social medias ( whatsapp, youtube community, instagram, linkedin, facebook page, facebook groups, twitter, reddit, tumblr,etc.,)


2. send email about the course to students and teachers.


3. share course link with the universities offering similar courses




Use Social Media, Promotional emails and your email contact List


Three tips I've been using to market my courses:


Promo Emails: Sending promotional emails to my students.

Facebook Groups: I've joined Facebook groups that are relevant to the courses I offer and have posted discount coupon codes to generate interest.

SEO-Friendly Descriptions: I've been working on making my course descriptions more SEO-friendly so that they show up higher in search engine results.

  • High quality
  • Comprehensive
  • Focused on the field of study in which we excellent

Hi everyone! Here are my tips:

1. Consistent posting on social media, include pictures and videos of yourself, people want to see you!

2. Build trust: people don't buy from you if they don't trust you. Ask what they need, how you can help!

3. Sharing short snippets from your courses, even funny ones - I'm not a native speaker and I sometimes stutter - showing a video of behind the scenes helps to build connection with people


I have been teaching for quite a while and from my personal experience, I would like to share three valuable tips that can help you improve your online marketing for your courses:

  1. Know your audience and tailor your messaging to them: One of the keys to successful online marketing is understanding your audience and what they are looking for. You should know their pain points and the benefits they hope to get from your course. This understanding will help you craft messaging that speaks directly to their needs and desires. For example, if you are marketing a cooking course, you might focus on the convenience of being able to cook healthy meals at home, rather than relying on takeout or fast food.

  2. Use social media to connect with potential students: Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with potential students and promoting your course. You can use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share information about your course, answer questions, and build a community around your brand. For example, you might create a Facebook group for your course and share exclusive content and resources with members of the group.

  3. Offer a free sample or trial: One of the best ways to attract new students is to offer them a free sample or trial of your course. This could be a free lesson, a demo video, or a limited-time trial of the full course. By giving people a taste of what your course has to offer, you can show them the value of what you are offering and make it more likely that they will enroll. For example, if you are marketing a yoga course, you might offer a free 10-minute yoga video that gives people a sense of what your classes are like.

I LOVE social for promotion! I do 3 things without fail:


💡Share testimonials on social: I create a nice graphic with a quote from a happy student! I share primarily on LinkedIn because of my target audience

💡Directly message contacts on LinkedIn:  To those I know well! Leveraging an existing network of those that trust you already is a great way to kick-start it.

💡Write articles on AI Awareness: As AI Awareness training is my gig, I write a weekly blog that features the latest trends and then have a Udemy link in the content.


I find there is no silver bullet, but doing all 3 consistently works in the long run.


I've seen some nice ideas in the comments! Great initiative!


My suggestions are:


1) Be active on your community (target audience)


2) Share valuable content relative to your courses (either on social media or newsletter)


3) Be responsive (adapt feedback on courses, make chances, be flexible)

Hi Folks,

Here are my 3 tips for improving the marketing of my online course.

1) Be certain of your target audience.


2) Focus on fulfilling their needs.


3) Tell don't sell, meaning be clear on how what you offer benefits them.


What are 3 tips you have to help improve your online marketing for your courses?

1) Share your course link page on facebook with poster indicating importance of any small topic in your course

2) Share your course link page on Instagram with poster indicating importance of any small topic in your course

3) Write a small story - how your course has power to enhance skills required in Industry. along with link of course link page.


Sure, here are 3 tips to help improve your online marketing for your courses:

  1. Focus on Your Target Audience: Before you start any marketing campaign, it is essential to understand who your target audience is. Take the time to research your target audience's demographics, interests, pain points, and preferences. By understanding your audience, you can tailor your messaging and promotional efforts to better resonate with them. This can help increase engagement and conversions.

  2. Leverage Social Media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are powerful tools for marketing your courses. You can use these platforms to promote your courses, engage with potential customers, and build a community around your brand. Make sure to share valuable content, engage with your followers, and run targeted ads to reach your ideal audience.

  3. Create Engaging Content: High-quality content is essential for attracting and retaining customers. Create valuable, informative, and engaging content that showcases your expertise and helps your audience solve their problems. This can include blog posts, videos, infographics, and webinars. Make sure to optimize your content for search engines, so it appears in search results when people search for relevant keywords.

To stand out , I explore and use varied platforms for people to reach for my content : 

Consistent and meaningful usage of social media handles - INSTAGRAM short reels as it is widely used across geographies and by all age groups .


Extensive use of CANVA to exhibit my thoughts . Photographs /thumbnails /templates are readly available to make your content go eye catchy ,impressive and relatable . 


I use BOOSTED to give my content audio/ video look and feel .As the attention span of people is less . I choose this apps for making short videos with significant and crisp content . 




3 Tips To Improve Online Marketing of my course(s):


1.  Create Intriguing Titles & Subtitles - Make them want to get into the course by creating titles that make them want more. 


2. Cover hot topics not being covered by others.


3.  Encourage my online tribe and communities to support the course by pushing it out to their audience and providing an incentive to do so. 


Hi, I am new here, so I will just share what I would love

(without knowing if it exists yet or not)

- being able to collect E-mails through free content I post on social media

- connected to above - being able to create nice inviting landing page for the free course, where people get to know more about what I teach then click to video where I share some great stuff and invite audience to join my course

- Target my ideal audience by the data you collect (their interests) and send them info when I create new course. 

I hope this is something helpful or something you were looking for. 

Best, N

1. Define your target audience: It's important to know who your target audience is before you start marketing your course. This will help you create content and messaging that resonates with them. Ask yourself questions like: Who is my ideal student? What are their interests and needs? What problems can my course solve for them? 2. Leverage social media: Social media is a great way to promote your course and reach a wider audience. Choose the platforms where your target audience is most active and create engaging content that highlights the benefits of your course. Use hashtags, share testimonials, and run targeted ads to increase your reach. 3. Offer a free trial or demo: Offering a free trial or demo of your course can be a powerful marketing tool. It gives potential students a taste of what they can expect and can help build trust and credibility. Make sure the trial includes enough value to entice students to sign up for the full course, and collect feedback from participants to improve your offering.


Three tips that could help market your courses are:

1. Having your courses along with your other work connected in one place like a website or a linktree, so you can bring in students from your other platforms.

2. Have a compelling profile and description to attract users to your profile.  

3. Give discounts or coupons when there are times with less people buying your class. 

Traveler Traveler

1) Understand the scope of the course and ensure it is what is reflected in there- your course description should be self sufficient. It is already helping in my Cloud Practitioner course. Be generous and also point to freely available educational resources - your course should not be the only way to get to the student's goal

2)  Forums like Linked in (professional) is preferred to social media like Facebook or Instagram - even if the latter help, I realize its marginal (further can even dilute the value of your course as people may take it lightly). And, the best way to get your course is word of mouth. Encourage your friends and others to share what you post - reachability is the key here the medium is just a mechanism. 

3) Use of coupons to further allow people to take yours can reinforce the word of mouth behavior (mine is an actual case)

Other --> I already sent it to udemy instructor support but they noted they dont have resources. Currently, the explanations are limited in appeal (with just bold, italic) and links. We need to enhance this further (see Outlook in the web on how much one can add to the text content). This will greatly improve appeal and will spread the value of the course plus importantly education (the intention of the course) will be best amplified.

Traveler Traveler

here are the marketing tips


1.Optimize your course title and description

2.Create a promotional video

3.Offer a free preview

4.Leverage social media

5.Run promotions

6.Use email marketing

7.Create a website or blog


Here are my 3 tips: 

1. Social media to promote the course
2. Offer discounts and promotions

3. Optimize the course title and description to get more attention.


Hey Reader, here are some tips from me that might help.

1) Keep less but more experienced course makers on Udemy, which would give the user the trust to go with any listed courses and needs no research for the user in choosing the course.

2) Marketing!! marketing the top-selling courses on Udemy via influencers and ads to related content based on the internet.

3) Don't show these sales all time. Fix the yearly months to be your sale and market only them to a large extent. 


(Build trust, Market properly, Systemise)


Bonus: Onboard more influencers (related to the content) to join you and make their courses  


basically using social media is common to improve help marketing.

1.Using Blog to collect users.

Udemy course has also genre so in the blog, set proper keyword in your article to boost your website access and let people know your online course.

2. Using Youtube

Make short video to introduce your online course so that people will know your content overview.

3.Using Twitter/Facebook

If your social account is powerful, using Twitter of Facebook is also helpful to improve marketing.


4.other way 

It's too much for an individual to do, but if you can afford it, you might be able to use google ads for marketing.

Hi, I would suggest the following tips:


  1. Use Social Media: Regularly post videos about the courses on social media platforms, especially YouTube. 

  2. Promotional Announcements and Emails: Use promotional announcements and emails every month inviting students to enroll in your courses with a discount.
  3. Trending Quality Content: Courses in high demand and with good quality content to be created.

3 tips to help improve improve online marketing are :


1. Before marketing the course, make an analysis of your ideal students for that specific course. This way, marketing can be targeted towards the specific audience with more success rate.

2. Research other available courses of the same topic and try to offer something different and unique. While marketing, mention what value your course adds when compared to the other courses in the competition.

3. Build social proof by requesting users who have already enrolled in the course to leave genuine feedback once they finish the course. Social proof will be useful in marketing courses to new users who might base their decision to buy the course on the feedback already provided.


Here are my tips which I improved

1- Whatsapp marketing


3- Social Media Marketing 




Here are the tips:

1. Build good contents and suitable for the targeted audience and it's better if having planning to update the courses continuously

2. Encourage audience by offering promotion code/ enrolling the courses

3. Leverage social medial to share the courses to potential audiences, especially highly rated courses


1.  Provide them more promotional code and video.

2. Provide the circulation of promotional video at Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.

3. Provide them occasional discounts as per their country.



The 3 tips would be :

1. Share the course landing page url on social network.

2. Strong introduction keeping the video ON.

3. Respond to any question immediately and share as much material as possible for reference. 

provide a public platform like a github. and also provide a doubt session. where learner can communicate with instructor . also provide a group like facility where learner can put their queries and discuss their problem. and also provide a placement assistant . How we can improve our resume . and how we can improve our communication skills. and what are the necessary skill to place in a mnc.


Teach What You Know and Love:

Focus on creating courses that you're passionate about and have expertise in. This will make your courses more engaging and easier to promote.


Share Valuable Content:

Share blog posts, social media updates, and other valuable content related to your courses.


Optimize Your Course Title and Description:

Make sure your course title and description are optimized for search engines. Make sure your course description accurately describes the course content and highlights the benefits of taking the course.

  1. Optimize your course title and description: Make sure your course title and description accurately reflect what your course is about and includes relevant keywords that potential students might search for. This will increase the visibility of your course in search results.

  2. Leverage social media: Use social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to promote your course. Share snippets of your course content and encourage your followers to enroll. You can also use paid social media advertising to target specific audiences who may be interested in your course.

  3. Encourage reviews: Positive reviews can help increase the visibility and credibility of your course. Encourage your students to leave reviews by providing excellent customer service and offering incentives like discounts on future courses. You can also use social proof tools like Trustpilot or Google Reviews to showcase positive feedback from your students.

Content, Correct Channels and Consistency

  1. Optimize your course title and description: Your course title and description are two of the most important elements of your course's marketing. A clear and compelling title can attract more students to your course, while a well-written description can help them understand the benefits of enrolling. Use keywords that your target audience is likely to search for and include a brief overview of what students can expect to learn from your course.

  2. Leverage Udemy's promotional tools: Udemy offers a range of promotional tools that you can use to increase the visibility of your course. For example, you can participate in Udemy's deals programs to offer discounts to potential students, or you can create a free preview of your course to give them a taste of what's included. You can also use Udemy's messaging tools to communicate with students and build relationships with them.

  3. Encourage student reviews and referrals: Positive reviews and referrals can be incredibly valuable for promoting your Udemy course. Encourage your students to leave reviews and ratings for your course, and respond to their feedback to show that you value their opinions. You can also offer incentives for students who refer others to your course, such as a discount on a future course or a special bonus. Make sure to thank your students for their support and continue to engage with them even after they've completed your course.

stylish Pavan

Here are my tips :


1.Developing customer personas is key to successfully marketing your course. To make sure your marketing messages speak directly to potential students, it's important to understand who they are and what they want. To gain a better understanding of your ideal student, consider researching your current student base, reading reviews from past students, and understanding the needs of your target audience.

2.Customer reviews are an important part of marketing your course. According to research, 81% of consumers do their research online before making a purchase. By displaying customer reviews, you can build trust with potential students, which can lead to higher enrollment rates. Be sure to request reviews from past students and display them prominently on your website and other marketing channels.

3.Social media is one of the most powerful tools available for marketing your course. Through social media, you can reach a large audience of potential students, build relationships, and create a unique brand identity. Consider creating profiles on multiple social media sites and posting interesting, relevant content to engage potential students. Additionally, you can use paid advertising on social media to reach even more people.


3 tips that I consider valuable for improve online marketing of courses

1. Keep your course always up to date with the trending pace of changes. This gives the learners the assurance of the shelf-life of the value they invest in that course. 

2. Keep your course material content from 3 to 5 hrs and if the content could not be covered within that time range split into two courses. Also, each video session should not exceed 5 mins. This enables the learners to hold their attention to grasp any new technology also given the situation that there is a plethora of technologies to pick from.

3. Leverage the social media as well as professional sphere of people working in organizations to popularize the courses. If possible, give some free heads up to create interest on the topic or some free webinars. It helps both ways showcasing knowledge on subject matter to a wider audience as well as organization capability building.



Traveler Traveler

Here are three tips I generally follow

1) Posting promo links of courses on various Facebook group, and also sending the promotional announcement to the students.

2) Creating valuable content on youtube and directing the subscribers to udemy Course

3) Create a free course and that will drive the traffic to other paid course.


these three things are helping me as I have one free course which directs traffic to my main courses. Also posting on various facebook group also helps.





Although there are many ways for marketing your course. However, in my point of view, the following ways will help to attract audience and increase traffic conversion.


Social Media: Advertise your course on free social media platforms i.e YouTube, Facebook, expatriates, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc in order to attract audience.


Free Coupons: Generate free coupons and share with your colleagues, friends across the border. Make a condition that after completion each participant shall provide review on your course and share certificates on social media. 


Emailing to the Right Professionals:  Share your promotion / offers through emails to the same professional, learners, students, job seekers and also with those who are already registered in your course to update them about new course & promotions.



My rules are simple:


1. Identify your target audience

2. Leverage social media platforms

3. Offer valuable content


Hello @Bella (Bella Almeida),

I Don't Know Specific Answer but I give my best


  1. Identify and target your niche: Focus on a specific audience or niche for your courses. Clearly define your target students and tailor your marketing messages to address their specific needs and interests. This targeted approach will resonate more effectively with potential students and help you stand out in a crowded online marketplace.

  2. Leverage social proof: Encourage satisfied students to leave positive reviews and testimonials for your courses. Display these testimonials prominently on your website and marketing materials. Social proof is a powerful tool that builds trust and credibility, compelling others to enroll in your courses.

  3. Utilize email marketing: Build anlist of interested prospects and stay connected with them through regular email marketing campaigns. Provide valuable content, updates, and exclusive offers to your subscribers. By nurturing these relationships, you can convert prospects into paying students and encourage repeat enrollments.