Winners Announced: Share Your Marketing Tips and Win a Udemy T-Shirt!

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Winners Announced: Share Your Marketing Tips and Win a Udemy T-Shirt!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there instructor community! 


You as instructors fuel this community and make it the wonderful place it is today. That said, we wanted to celebrate you all with a giveaway!  





For the giveaway, we are giving away Udemy t-shirts to 10 instructors who answer the question in this post from April 28th to May 12th. During the giveaway time frame. 10 instructors who respond to the prompt will be chosen at random to get a t-shirt (unless you've already received one this period). Limit one person. Offer valid while supplies last.


Here is the question we’d like for you to answer:


What are 3 tips you have to help improve your online marketing for your courses?


Comment for a chance to win one of the 10 t-shirts! Winners will be randomly selected. 18 or older to enter. Entry period closes 11:59pm Pacific time on 5/12/23. Winners will be contacted through DM.


Good luck!


1. Leverage social media. Share a good portion of your course on your preferred social media. 

2. Create your own website and writing blogs.

3. Link back to Udemy from social media and your website.


Here are the best strategies I know so far:

1. Make your landing pages SEO friendly, so that your course gets the most number of eyeballs.

2. If you could get the Bestseller tag for your subcategory, thats the biggest differentiator on Udemy.

3. Post a portion of your course on Youtube, and in start/end of each video, promote that its part of your paid course, and send traffic to your Udemy course.

4. Post educational announcements to your courses regularly with useful content to build trust with your audience, then they will take your promotional announcements seriously too, and you wont seem too salesy.

5. Lastly, create great content, and most other things will take care of themselves.


I heard the saying that if you were creating exceptional content content, people will discover you one way or the other, even if you were sitting in a cave!


Good luck!



Some marketing strategies

1) Using related group/community such as Facebook community, Whatsapp, Telegram, Linkedin etc.

2) Boost using social media    

3) Using github repo that let people download it, and lead the user to access the udemy course.





The three tips:
Use a promotional email, the result is great if you have an audience.
Use social media to promote your course and be sure to do good targeting.
Do periodic updates for your course to keep your course up to date.
I will cry if I don't win a T-shirt 😿

Traveler Traveler

Hi Bella,


Thank you for giving this opportunity to share our thoughts and learn from each other.


Here are my 3 pointers :

1) Writing leveraging social media & Website : Social media platforms are very powerful tool for online marketing specially Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube to promote courses via information sharing or even giving access to limited part of courses. If you have own website then thats wonderful place to showcase own work and connect to Udemy platform, or even if you don't have own website at least you can write blogs at various sites and free sites like blogspot etc about own courses. Few important tips here would be to - share videos on youtube about own courses, post about own courses on social media platforms at regular basis, provide snapshots of important parts from the courses as well as the positive reviews. 

2) Promotional Offers : Offers some free but limited resource from the course to try out, that could be the course via coupon, related eBooks & webinars. One easy way to start is to use promotional messages each month that Udemy provides to invite students, which can be used to invite them to enroll in own courses with a discount.

3)  Pricing Strategy - Pricing is a very important factors for marketing, which is sensitive to Place and product. So depend on the time like its global holiday like Christmas or more regional like Chinese new year or Indian Holi etc for example, you can create special offers. Even terms like black-Friday has become so popular. So keeping in mind the place  and its current situation to spend and the demand of the product (in this case course) , the pricing should be dynamic. 




1. WORD OF MOUTH: Best marketing is the marketing by your customers/students. Create better content.

2. INTERNET: Social media marketing, Affiliate/email marketing, Website/Landing page marketing etc.

3. NEED: Need itself tells people to buy a specific product/service. Create either Need-of-Content or Content-of-Need. You don't even need to market your content anymore. Those in need will find you.


My tips on improving online marketing for the course:


1. Run limited free enrollment to the course using coupons to bring attention to your product.

2. Share your course on relevant social networks to reach more audiences.

3. Do SEO optimization of the course landing page so more people can discover it easily.


Looking to juice up your course marketing game? Here are 3 tips that'll boost your visibility, entice folks to enroll in your courses, and maybe even catch the fancy of our tee-shirt loving judges:


1. Utilize social media platforms to promote your course and engage with your audience.

2. Optimize your course title and description for the Udemy search engine.

3. Offer promotional discounts to attract new students and encourage reviews.


1. **Create High-Quality, Relevant Content:** Make your course material engaging and directly relevant to your target audience. This increases the perceived value and encourages more sign-ups.

2. **Utilize Email Marketing and Promo Videos:** Regularly send out promotional emails and announcements. Additionally, create an impactful promotional video to showcase the benefits of your course.

3. **Leverage Social Media and SEO:** Use platforms like YouTube, blogs, and social media for promotion. Share exclusive discounts on platforms like Facebook groups. Incorporate SEO strategies to improve discoverability, and create content around high volume keywords to boost visibility.

Specialist Specialist

some of my knowledge and potentially Marketing Tips are :


1. Define who my ideal student by determining the main target, I made a basic mineplan and minescheduling course, so my target is students and fresh graduates from geology and mining department.


2. communicate the benefits from taking my course students and fresh graduates are job seekers, they need knowledge and supporting Udemy certificates that have been recognized internationally to make them confident in applying for jobs.


3. Use social media platforms like facebook and linkedin already have groups related to mineplanning and minescheduling, it's the main target for them to know my course is available on udemy with discussion appropriate to the group.



Here are three tips that could help improve online marketing, 

Create an Engaging Website: A compelling website is essential for internet marketing. This website needs to be simple to use, visually appealing, and course-specific. Clear calls to action on website should entice visitors to take action and sign up for your courses.
Make Effective Use of Social Media Platforms: Social networking sites are effective marketing tools that can assist you in expanding your audience. We can set up social media accounts for your courses and post content pertinent to them there. In order to reach a more specific audience, We may also run advertisements on social networking websites.

Create Valuable Content: The secret to effective web marketing is to produce valuable content. In relation to courses, We can produce blog articles, infographics, videos, and other sorts of content. Content ought to be educational, interesting, and pertinent to your intended audience. By doing this, we'll increase your credibility and draw more students to your classes.


  1. Create quality promotional creative:  I will create some promotional content and creative to reach my target audience. 

  2. Leverage social media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram offer an excellent opportunity to reach a broader audience and promote my courses. 

  3. Free workshop and live: I will arrange some free workshop and live for my course promotion. 

  1. The most crucial point to improve marketing is the content that should be completed theoretical and practical because everyone will submit in your course and find a value he will recommend for others.
  2. Also very important to give many courses in your field. So, you will be known and easy to get.
  3. Try to update yourself on the quality of videos and even the way of providing lectures. So, students will see your progress and will like to submit your courses and recommend them to others.


Specialist Specialist

Here are my tips

1. Quality is everything. A high quality course will get around. For instance I have a student that told me my course is amazing and that he is posting his progress of my course on Twitter.

2. I use social media by responding to questions on reddit and Facebook. Usually the response will be a free video in my course page. I'll give a potential student a discount link. Then they end up on my page, watch the video, and in many cases sign up.

3. Don't give away a course for free. At least I have had very bad experience giving posting a course for free which later I converted to a paid course. The free students have never watched a single minute of my course, save 4-5 students.


That's it. 

I have found Facebook not very effective. Reddit has been my best source of getting new students.

Haven't tried any other social media yet but eventually will.


Happy Course Creation !



Hi Bella,

Here are my tips:

1.) Promotional announcements - cross courses

2.) Carefully selected keywords in course landing page and in curriculum to increase findability

3.) Social media: Linkedin, youtube, blog posts


My secret:


  • Promotional Emails and Announcements every month with personalized messages and images.
  • Social media (strong presence in Facebook groups)
  • Forums and Telegram groups
Traveler Traveler

1: Plan Your Course Structure: you should have clear objectives about your course outcomes and deliverables and a structure to get your student exactly to where you tell them they will be once the course completes.

2: Quality Content: Good quality audio is absolutely important, and good quality video content to back it up. And good post production - audio and video optimization to improve quality and reduce file size. Invest in this - a good quality course will quickly pay this investment back over time.

3: Add Value: Add resources to reinforce learning outside of your video. Ebooks, downloadable resources such as charts or guides, quizzes, tests and assignments. All the tools are there to deliver content and to give your students more so take advantage of them.


1) Strong social media promotions, including asking influencers in your network to share on their social media accounts

2) Accompanying pieces of content to generate interest, such as blog articles, teaser videos, and polls/quizzes

3) Consider making the videos as interactive as possible, by including case studies, worked examples, and exercises for students


So nice to learn from each.  I am doing most organic but I try to do 

1. Post on Youtube

2. Blog on my website

3. Networking with the course as a name card.


What a great idea! 

3 Tips


1) Increase tests threshold.

2) Give opportunity to the student stoping test to see the response during the tests.

3) Create a New test based in students erros.


Thank You!

  1. Develop Strong Course Titles and Sub-Titles. Be concise yet descriptive in your main course title. Think of how your audience / students might formulate a search or query. Use the sub-title of the course to provide context, distinguish your course from others, and to describe it in different ways (e.g., synonyms).
  2. Revisit Course Descriptions. If you wrote this before you started developing the class, revisit it at the end. As you write and record content, you will be fine-tuning the material. Be sure that your final course description truly matches your learning material.
  3. Strategize Course URLs. Be thoughtful when you choose your course URL. Search engines may use the keywords in the web address to categorize or make relevancy decisions regarding your course.

here are my 3 tips that can help marketing Udemy course,


1. define your target audience.  it is important to have clear understanding of targeting audience before creating any marketing strategy. This will help you tailor marketing messages and choose the most effective Marketting channels to reach the  audience.


2. use social media platforms to reach a wider audience. consider creating accounts on popular platforms like Facebook, instagram, twitter and using them to promote the course. Share engaging content related to your course, such as success stories, testimonials, or free tips and resources.


3. Leverage the power of email marketing:  Consider building an email list of potential customers and sending them regular newsletters with valuable content related to your course. You can also use email to announce promotions or discounts for your course, or to follow up with customers 




very nice, love it

Storyteller Storyteller

1)  Promote them on social media.

2)  Give out a few free coupons.

3)  Review and update the current courses. 

Storyteller Storyteller

My key tips are,

1. Updated, creative, comprehensive, and clear promo video and course content;
2. Distinct free announcements, (like read a story and enjoy!!);
3. Social media platforms to increase social engine optimization and attract audience.


Three Tips to Improve Online Marketing


Start a FaceBook Group - Create a group related to your course topics. Then, add value by providing tips to help your students and target audience. Those are the same members who will be happy to get your coupons when you market your courses. Don't over-do it. I only post coupons in my FaceBook Group once a month. 


Build a Community - On YouTube or your social media platform of choice, build a community around the topics similar to your course topics. Then, when you are ready to launch, you will have a group of engaged subscribers and/or followers who will benefit from hearing about your new course. Be sure to generate buzz up until the launch and then make a launch video. 


Have a Profile with Links to Courses - I use FlowCode to create a FlowPage with links. I have links to my social media accounts and some of my latest courses in one place. That way, when I share my FlowPage link, others can see that I am a Udemy instructor. 


Well hello there lovely Bella,

1. Teaming up with influencers with a big following keen to learn my craft.

2. Local stories in newspapers and magazines

3. Groups on Facebook that are related to my course. 


Love your work!! Cant wait to wear my new tee 😜



Here are three tips to help improve my online marketing for my Udemy courses:

  1. Optimize your course title and description: Your course title and description are the first things that potential students see when they come across your course on Udemy. Make sure that your course title is catchy and accurately reflects the content of your course. Your course description should be detailed, and informative, and highlight the benefits of taking your course. It's important to include relevant keywords in both your course title and description to help improve your visibility in Udemy search results.

  2. Encourage student reviews: Positive reviews from satisfied students can help attract more students to your Udemy course. Encourage your students to leave reviews by thanking them for their feedback and reminding them that their review can help other students decide if your course is right for them. You can also offer incentives, such as a discount on a future course, for leaving a review.

  3. Promote your course outside of Udemy: While Udemy provides a platform for hosting and selling your courses, it's important to promote your course outside of the platform as well. This could include sharing your course on social media, blogging about your course on your website, or guest posting on industry blogs. You can also leverage paid advertising through platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads to reach potential students who may be interested in your course. By promoting your course outside of Udemy, you can reach a wider audience and attract more students to your course.







Sunil Tatkar
Trailblazer Trailblazer

1. Sharp define your target audience. This means you need to be able to define the demographics of your beneficiaries - those who will really really benefit from your course. It cannot be everyone, everywhere. It cannot be someone somewhere. For example "Students in the age group of 18-22 years transitioning from college campus to corporate jobs"  can be sharped further to "Undergrad and post-grad college students". 


2. Leverage the right social media platforms in the right way. An example of the "Right social media platform" - the target audience in the above example is likely to be on Instagram and TikTok rather than Twitter or LinkedIn. An example of the "Right way". Avoid Sermons. This audience does not like it. Remember how you were when you were of 18-22 years of age!!

Instead, inspire ambitions, share tips, call to real action adventure/experience.


3. Offer valuable content. I mean really valuable content like a true friend would. Content should be engaging, entertaining and experiential.




Sunil Tatkar  


I am quite new to the Udemy marketplace. I have created a new course ie Oracle Java Certification simulation tests and published it last week.


So far, I was able to get one subscription, but no reviews yet. 

In order to excel in the Udemy marketplace as an instructor, you need to have a target audience.


To achieve good results,


1.  Blogging

2. Create a relevant course

3. Create a website for the Udemy course.

4.  Create discount coupons


These are the above things I am going to do for my course.



Here are 3 tips to help improve online marketing for your courses:


1. First share Course Promo Video and Particulare letures video with link to Youtube, Twitter, Facebook.


2. Send Educational and Promotional Announcement to let your current students informed about update.


3. Giveway free coupon and Low Price coupon as kind gesture to get your course max exposure.  

My tips


1. Need to Survey your audience before you create your course

2. Presell your online course

3. Identify your unique value proposition


I recently purchased two courses from udemy, one course  was helped out a lot. But the other one no use if money. like every student should not feel like why we should buy this course it's waste of money and time.

Traveler Traveler

My tips:



  1. Optimize your course title and description: Ensure that your course title and description are informative, catchy, and SEO-friendly. Use keywords that your target audience might search for when looking for a course like yours.

  2. Utilize social media: Share your course on your social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Utilize relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience.

  3. Collaborate with other instructors: Partner with other Udemy instructors to cross-promote your courses to their students. You can also create joint courses or offer bundled packages to attract more students.


Social media: Post videos about my courses on social media platforms, especially Youtube. 


Promotional messages: Use promotional messages each month that invite students to enroll in my courses with a discount.


Quality Content: Create quality content.


With Best Regards,

Ashish H. Pandit


 Leveraging some promising social media platforms like: YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.


This is more of a concept: Constant posting of helpful content on personal website and/or blog, and collection of email list via all of the options mentioned above including webinars in exchange for free access to some content, and finally redirecting them to the main course(s) for premium content.

Thanks with Regards,

Ashish H. Pandit


1 Promotional email - A tool to invest even more money to boost the ads

2 Social media - Share our courses on twitch

3. Update the courses - Using AI to generate subtitles in other languages


Below are  some tips that can help improve online marketing for courses:

  1. Clearly define your target audience: It's essential to know who you are marketing your course to. Understanding your target audience's needs, interests, and pain points will help you create effective marketing messages that resonate with them.

  2. Leverage social media: Social media is a powerful tool for marketing online courses. Create engaging and informative content that promotes your course and share it on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can also use social media advertising to target specific audiences and promote your course.

  3. Utilize email marketing: Email marketing is an effective way to reach potential students and promote your course. Build an email list of interested individuals and send them regular newsletters, course updates, and promotional messages. Make sure your emails are engaging and provide value to your audience.


Great question! Here are three tips to improve your online marketing for your courses:

1. Define Your Target Audience: It's important to understand who your target audience is and what they're looking for in a course. Identify the specific demographics, interests, and pain points of your audience and tailor your marketing messaging to address their needs.

2. Leverage Multiple Channels: Use a variety of channels to reach your audience, such as social media, email marketing, paid advertising, and content marketing. Make sure your messaging is consistent across all channels and that you're delivering value to your audience at every touchpoint.

3. Provide Value Upfront: Offer free resources or a preview of your course content to demonstrate your expertise and provide value upfront. This can include blog posts, videos, webinars, or a free trial of your course. By providing value upfront, you can build trust with your audience and encourage them to enroll in your course.

Overall, the key to successful online marketing for your courses is to understand your audience, leverage multiple channels, and provide value upfront. By following these tips, you can create effective marketing campaigns that reach your target audience and drive enrollments for your courses.

1. YouTube and Discord channels work well: If you are a one-man army, create a group for your followers, and market heavily with relevant YouTube content. YouTube content has to be fun and engaging.


2. Use free coupons and discount coupons smartly. Know where to share your free coupons, I would generally prefer LinkedIn for free ones, because I can expect somewhat professionals to take advantage of the course. Keeps spam course takers to a minimum. 


3. Free courses: I have 2 free courses that give enough info for a user to get familiarized with the topic while encouraging course takers to join the paid version to learn the topic in detail.

Trailblazer Trailblazer


1.Create a course heading which is SEO optimized.

2.Make it visible in Social Media platforms like Instagram,FaceBook and Youtube.

3.Make sure to receive more positive reviews for your course.


Here are my tips:

1. 1st share with friends as they knew your thoughts well and will give good support. Also, the word of mouth will be better the content comes from reliable sources

2. Do not make it only free but reduce the amount to be good to start. And friends will buy it to promote your course. This will encourage you and increase credibility

3. Go and share in all other platform with the above data and feedback received. The fees should be moderate but not high or low initially. Based on the response you can decide further.

Hello every one The three tips i would say 1 ) Presentation 2) Clarity about the message to be delivered 3 )Targeting the right audience for the content


Hi There,

There are various ways you can promote your Udemy course. I can give some tips on the way you can genuinely start is here:

1. Optimize your course title and description: Make sure your course title and description are catchy and compelling. Use keywords in your title and description to make it easier for people to find your course when they search for it.

2. Create a promo video: Create a short promotional video for your course and upload it to YouTube or other video-sharing sites. Share the link to the video in your course description and in your social media channels.

3. Use social media: Use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to promote your course. Share interesting snippets of your course content, engaging visuals, or testimonials from happy students.

4. Offer discounts and promotions: Offering discounts and promotions is a great way to attract new students to your course. You can create coupons and share them on your social media channels or use Udemy's built-in coupon feature.

5. Get reviews: Encourage your students to leave reviews of your course. Positive reviews can help to attract new students, while negative reviews can help you to improve your course.

Collaborate with other instructors: Reach out to other Udemy instructors in your niche and collaborate on projects or cross-promote each other's courses.

6. Use paid advertising: Consider using paid advertising options like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn Ads to promote your course to a larger audience.


Hi all,

here I share some of my experiences. I hope it'll help.

Have a clear definition of your training

When you start creating your course you must have a clear definition of what you want to teach. It should just be a couple of sentences and you should always have those in mind - else the student will get confused.

You have to follow the description of the course! It is easy to be carried away and you add something that is not in the description or you miss something out.


Know your audience

You must keep in mind that all your students have different backgrounds and different levels of knowledge.

If your course requires a certain level of knowledge, it should be clearly expressed. If you have a student coming to your class and it is too easy or too difficult, they will be disappointed and may even ask for their money back or give a low rating (which they should).


Be on social media

Not to underestimate social media as it is important that you are visible.


Have an awesome day.


Sure, here are three tips to improve online marketing for your courses:


  1. Define your target audience: Before starting any marketing campaign, it's important to identify your target audience. Determine the specific characteristics of people who would be most interested in your course and tailor your marketing strategy accordingly. This could involve creating buyer personas or conducting market research to gain a deeper understanding of your audience's needs and preferences.

  2. Leverage social media platforms: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are excellent channels for promoting courses. Create engaging content that highlights the benefits of your course and share it on relevant social media groups and pages. You can also use paid advertising options available on social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

  3. Offer value with freebies: Offering freebies such as e-books, webinars, and other resources that provide value to potential students can help you attract more leads. Use these resources to build your email list so that you can nurture relationships with prospects and convert them into paying customers. You can also offer discounts or promotional codes to encourage early sign-ups, which can help boost your course's revenue.

Batuhan Basyigit

Advices especially for trainers with new and small audience,

1. Share the free version of your course with your audience and your social media account. In this way, the number of students will increase and your course will be more preferred.

2. Video and audio quality is important, but more important is how much you explain your content according to your student audience.

3. By constantly using coupons, you can share your course more cheaply for your student audience.