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Tell us what you’re working on

Hi everyone! I'm Felix, a creative from Germany! I’ve been making my first course “Einstieg in die Ölmalerei - Dein erstes Kunstwerk” for the past months. Well, if you don’t know German, let me tell View more

low number of courses and high demand Best answer

Dear Sir, I have searched a lot on udemy insight but have not found any courses which are low in number and high in demand. Can you please let me know as to which subjects are low in number and high View more


Hello everyone, please tell me, minimum how many video lectures or modules I should prepare to start my course? View more

Im only 15 years old and need tips

Hi, I'm only 15 at this moment and I saw on a few youtube channels the Udemy was a great place to share my knowledge. But I am not so sure about how I'm gonna do this and wondered if someone could View more

Tax Information

Hi everyone, I am a very new instructor here. I just finished making my course and got a sale! Yay! I was asked by Udemy to fill in my tax information. I did so. I live in Japan and our TIN numbers View more

Is English easy 🤔

Hello everyone my name is Rajaa and I want to teach you how English is easy so welcome on my profile and wait for my courses View more

How to compose your own rhymes

Hello everyone, I'm Douglas by name. I was looking for a platform where I can help people learn how to compose rhymes on their own, since rhyming plays an important role in composing music and making View more


Hello guys, I'm new to udemy. I'm regretting the time I've lost not knowing the existence of such a wonderful platform like this. I hope I'll learn a lot from you as I give you what I have too. View more

WhatsApp Marketing

I'm here to share my knowledge and experience with WhatsApp Marketing, feel free to message me. ❤️ View more

I am a trainer.

Currently training for Simplearn: Data Science 1 year technical trainer for @Hand 1 Year curriculum development 3M 5 years with CSN: Oracle SQL Expert certification and Java Programmer Certification View more

Buvi's art & classes

Hi everyone I'm happy to be in this platform . Hi I'm L.bhuvaneshwari BSC(Fashion technology) MBAgraduate. Where artistry runs in my blood,I AM a professional henna artist and I AM good at what I do. View more


Hi All, this is Mahmoud Elnady pre-sales Manager at TRUST INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. ManageEngin Golden partner in Egypt and KSA .. if you interested in IT Management Solutions like .. ITSM , AD View more


Are your courses recognized? Worldwide are you accredited? What international recognition for South Africa. Do you have any department of education in south African alliances or medical View more

Udemy for Business Query

My course is running on skillshare along with Udemy. I am thinking to opt in for Udemy for Business. If my course gets selected for UFB, does it mean that I need to remove the existing course from View more


Hey everyone its my first time trying to teach on udemy I've been teaching in real life and it was somehow easy so my request is , is there any advice ? View more

About to create my first course

Hello All I am about to create my first course. It's about the Evolution of Society to enable students understand the phenomenon called society and make them break the ideological and cultural View more

Do I always get 50% revenue? Best answer

Hello, I'm reading this article and I have a question about it: "These programs allow Udemy to offer your course at a discount to current View more

Learn to Sculpt - Sculptris


Hello every body, I ceated a full course to learn Sculptris (Sculpt Software Free).Be careful, my lessons are in French, no subtitles, so if you understand French langage, it's coolYou will find 4 View more

Course verify

My course is not verifying when I select my country than I give him identity card picture after that my face don't verifying View more

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