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Let's celebrate open-mindedness!

“I teach courses geared towards non-native English learners such as courses on English communication and tips on how to work overseas since that is what I love to do. There are endless opportunities View more

Rookies of the month - April 2019

Hey instructors (and soon-to-be instructors)! I’m jumping into the community today to highlight a few first-time publishers that got off to a good start in April. Every month, hundreds of instructors View more

Share something you’re proud of!

Happy Friday! Let’s kick off the weekend on a positive note and share something you’re proud of. This could be publishing a new course, hitting a milestone, or even successfully teaching your dog a View more

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Heartfelt Thank you to Udemy from my family!

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 12.39.00 PM.png

My name is Mohammad Azam and I am an iOS/Web instructor on Udemy. Udemy is my part time job, as I teach full time for a bootcamp. I am writing this post to thank Udemy for providing me the View more

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Thank youThanks very much Udemy Team for this community. I've only just logged in and I'm looking forward to it.Im interested to demonstratePhysiotherapySpeech therapyHijama cupping View more

How do you start the day?

What's the first thing you do when you start working on your course for the day. Mine's switch the laptop on and then the kettle.Then I check / nurture my social media accounts as these are crucial View more

What is your top goal this April?

Hey instructors! What are you focusing on this month? Is April your month to complete your course outline, film a new course, or amp up marketing? Let us know what your top goal is for April and View more

Free T-Shirt arrived but is not free. Best answer

So, I got my free t-shirt today, but I have to pay a nearly £13 customs fee to pick up from the post office. Not free in the end. Originally the t-shirt is $25 which convert around £18.90, so I View more

Marketplace Insights not working Best answer


Hello fellow instructors!Does the marketplace insights work for you?I did work for me up till last night and then it keeps telling me that something went wrong and that I should try again but with no View more

Why Udemy is great

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a video I created on YouTube titled 'Why Udemy is great'. These are my thoughts regarding the current competitive landscape View more

From Dusk Till Dawn Of Life Best answer

Hello everyone, great platform to showcase our talents and dedication towards our work. In my course I will be covering motivation, focus in life and how to hustle with problems. Thank You Udemy for View more

Udemy Software Release Process

Greg C. never answered this question. So, I'd like to open it up to Udemy as a whole. Is Udemy likely to realize any time soon that you're a software development company and start acting like one? View more

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Who Here Also Loves Trello?

I was just starting to use Trello again for a new project while remembering how great it is. Does anyone else here love Trello? Have you used it to track your Udemy activities yet? Trello is an View more

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May Sales

hello guys,,,,is there any push for may sales? long time instructors can you please share....i am ready to release a new i was thinking if any good sales for may month..then i will wait View more

Four Quadrants of Learning

Four Quadrants of Learning.jpg

I’ve always loved this simple model to explain learning and it seems a particularly appropriate topic for this group. Here’s how it works. Every skill begins with unconscious incompetence. This means View more

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Got My Udemy Shirt!


Got My Udemy Shirt! I've never created a course or even a lecture that wasn't a screencast. Now with my Udemy Shirt on, I can get in front of the camera at least to introduce the lectures.I wouldn't View more

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Stories and inspiration
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