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  Hello & happy Wednesday Instructors!   Earlier this week we were fortunate enough to sit down and chat with Jimmy Naraine, Udemy instructor to over 350k+ students, about his course creation process. His presentation was one part tactical application, one part motivation & one part mindset's definitely a must-see!   Here's what other instructors were saying after the webinar:   "His enthusiasm and energy are contagious, but even more importantly are some of his ideas and suggestions about topics I hadn't even considered"   "Jimmy is a great motivator. Because of his experience in his field, he knows what he’s talking about. He’s one instructor who people should listen to."   If you missed it, don't worry, we've got the replay for you below! Enjoy!      
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Udemy Senior Product Marketing Manager, Katie Bent presented an hour-long webinar "Making the Most of your Instructor Experience" and we've got the replay for you below!   In this hour-long webinar Katie goes over:   The 4 P's of being an online instructor How to make the most of Marketplace Insights The importance of the first 15 minutes of your course How to optimize your course landing page
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Today we are happy to bring you the replay of the webinar with @MarkLassoff & @DiogoAlvesd487 . In this hour-long session, our panel discussed their top post-publishing tips and took questions from the audience.     Here are a few more marketing resources for you to check out: Establishing your credibility with reviews Making the most of your coupons & referrals Reach out to your learners
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In this hour-long webinar Chen answers the following questions: What are the Udemy SEO considerations that I should be looking at before the course launches? How can I check that my course titles & instructor page are optimized for SEO? Is it possible to rank a new course on 1st page of search results if all other courses on 1st page already have 100’s - 1,000’s of reviews? What can Udemy instructors do to promote their own courses? How has marketing for Udemy instructors changed in the past two years
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Gregg talks about the past, present & future of Udemy and also answers some of your questions. In case you missed it you can catch up below!  
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