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Udemy Community Ranks Explained This thread is pinned

Hello and welcome to the community! Your journey is just beginning and we’re excited for you to start growing with your fellow instructors! As you continue to participate in the community, you will View more

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New to the community? Start here! (Welcome Video) This thread is pinned

Welcome to the community! We are truly happy that you've joined us. This quick video guide will be walking you through how our community works and what you can expect on your journey. There’s a View more

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Introduce Yourself! This thread is pinned

Hi there! Welcome aboard, our community is excited to have you here! We'd love to get to know you better, so here's a place for you to introduce yourself (if you’d like) and meet other members as View more

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I'm Ezgi,I'm from turkey  View more

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Question about "# of Emails"

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Hi There, I saw the new feature added on the communication > emails section that says "# of Emails" so while this is not directly clear - when i hover over it says: I have over 25000 students, half View more

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Hi Everyone, I’m a Newbie

Good day to you guys, Im Danny Yap, I’m from Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. Good to see you guys here. Im a Tattoo Artist who had an experience of 18 years, my studio at Pudu Plaza Kuala Lumpur - Dan’s Ink View more

understand payment policy

I want to know one thing, I am very confused about this, from the udemy website, "" 1. Sales occurring through instructor promotions: instructors receive 97% of the revenue when the student purchases View more

Payment Method in Pakistan

Hi, I'm new here and PayPal System is not available in Pakistan. So How we will receive our Payment being an instructor. Please someone guide me. And Also when we select payment method: After course View more

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Hello lam Kareem Mohamed I am interested in programing l know programing basis and l know some important concepts in python and I understand main concepts of ai and machine learning and have a lot of View more

Astrology and science

Hello, astronomy is my opinion. This is Daniel, I'm a psychology student and I'm also studying Chemical Astronomy ⚗ opinion formed by myself. Statistics matters to me in terms of science and View more

My introduction

Greetings! I am Hassan Fazeel, and I hail from the beautiful Maldives. View more

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Please Help me

I already fixed the course photo and uploaded the new one without any text but I didn't find the submit button. and still having this message " Required fixes: You have 1 item to be addressed View more


Hi I'm Karen, I'm new to the platform and I want to learn more on the other content experts on how to go through Udemy.. I hope other members can help me. Thank you View more

Hello friends,

Just new here, still trying to navigate around to create courses for my audience on Udemy. Can anyone walk me through? View more

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Musu Wheeler Introduction

Who are you? Hello my name is Musu Wheeler, I am a mother of one to an amazing 10 years old girl. I am military spouse. Where are you from? I was born in West Africa Sierra Leone. My family moved to View more

Hello from Xiaoqi

Hello everyone in the community, My name is Xiaoqi Zhao, for years I have been the students of Udemy, just recently I'd tried to record some of my known field knowledge and expect to be instructor. View more

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Traveller & digital nomad. Best answer

Dear All, Greetings, i hope you all doing great. Myself Wajid Abbasi from Islamabad, Pakistan. My motivation is to travel & volunteer abroad. I’ve been in so many countries. Here, i am to share, View more

Rookie question

Which platform is best for creating courses with illustrations ? View more

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Hi, Anyone from UK?

Hello, Im new and need advice please. Ive moved all my online courses over from Kajabi to Udemy, but can't for the life of me see where I will get paid. Ive not seen 'payout methods' anywhere. I take View more

What is C language? Best answer

C is a general-purpose programming language created by Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Laboratories in 1972. It is a very popular language, despite being old. The main reason for its popularity is because View more

Udemy Business

Hello! I would like to get some observations about UB, both from the instructors who have many courses included in the program and those who don't. In your view, what needs to happen for a course to View more

embedded systems

After completion of embedded course, students will implement, integrate, and get to know about the applications used for advanced embedded systems. The Embedded Systems course content is well View more

My First Course

Hello everyone, First and foremost, I would like to express my profound gratitude to Isaac Rudansky, Evan Kimbrell, and Nik Sawmi. Their courses and guidance have been foundational in my journey from View more

Suspended my udemy account

Hi I get this message form Udemy” Hi there,Greetings from Udemy’s Trust & Safety Team. We’re reaching out in regards to recent activity on your account in violation of our Terms.As a result of the View more

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Create a video to introduce yourself and watch other videos from instructors to get to know them. We recommend including your name, what you teach, and what you hope to learn in your video.